So who am I?

My name is Sarah Kirk, a South Shields based photographer with over 13 years experience working in the photographic industry.  I first found my love of photography when I was around 10 years old with an old 110 camera photographing everything from nature to people.

Having always had an eye for art and being successful at school and college in my my art coursework it seemed like a good move to decide to work towards teaching art.

However one soul searching day I made a decision, I wanted to be a photographer-an art form I believed that I would never grow tired of.

I trained at college in the 1990s and was naive in thinking photography would be easy, it was actually extremely difficult for me to stick to a brief as all I wanted to do was experiment with chemistry, paper, light and film.  I enjoyed learning the craft, making mistakes and getter better at my skill.


I found that I had natural people skills and could put people at ease even on my first ever studio portrait shoot.  Natural expressions exploded from my models face and I instantly knew that portraiture was going to be my strength.

When I left college I moved to Scotland to start my first ever photography job.  I focussed on building up my portraiture skills always photographing nature along the way.  Building up my photography experience and CV was fun, fulfilling and has taken me to some wonderful places all over the UK and even overseas.

I moved back to my home town, South Shields,  in 2010 where I continued to work as a self employed photographer.

When you choose to photograph nature on top of working as a portrait photographer purely for passion, you know that you’ve chosen the right profession.

Feel free to email me here- with all photographic enquiries.

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